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Rules & Responsibilities for Registration:

  • You shall monitor primary waste collection in the area.
  • You will spread the awareness for Solid Waste Management program among the residents of the area through sign-boards, hoardings, displays, flyers, online/offline media etc.

  • You shall appoint Single point contact for co-ordination with AMC as well as residents of the area.
  • You will also be responsible for maintenance of plantation done by the First Party in the area.
  • AMC will be a single window destination for all type of permissions requirement, issues & development for the same.
  • All the sewage transport vehicles, waste bins & labour requirements such as manpower, waste dumpers etc. shall be provided by AMC. (With co-ordination of Nila Infra.)
  • (For being Sponcer for Street)You shall provide all the necessary equipments, accessories, sign-boards etc. for effective SWM, spreading information & awareness however, the ownership of such equipments, accessories, sign-boards etc. shall be of AMC. You shall be allowed to publish its name on aforesaid equipments, accessories, sign-boards etc. subject to display size shall not be more than 15% of total content.


Together, We Can.

Dear Citizen,

It is very much proven that every revolution, started with a Nobel Cause, has got success by active support of people.

We urge your active participation in this Clean & Green Revolution to make it successful. While, goal of clean city is common for all citizen, it is very much easy to achieve it.

Lets join our hand to keep our city clean and green and all of us proudly say "MY OWN STREET".

Thanking you in anticipation.