About My Own Street

Welcome to My own street

‘Ahmedabad’ India’s most progressive commercial city has it’s credit the first city of India to adopt zero waste goal and maximize the benefits of the intrinsic value of the waste generated by society. Presently the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) picks more than 4,000 metric tons of waste per day from the city which adds up to 110,667 metric tons every month. Out of this huge quantity of waste just 10,000 metric tons is processed and the rest remain in the form of landfills. A study showed that in Ahmedabad over 60% waste is collected by street sweeping only. This indicates how critical the problem of littering on the streets is.

AMC has undertaken the goal of a Clean and Green Ahmedabad with an effective Solid Waste Management (SWM) Department which is in charge of all functions concerned with waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste. The functions performed by AMC’s SWM Department are street sweeping, collection and transportation of waste, processing and treatment of waste and disposal of waste.

“MY OWN STREET” campaign resembles the rule of Clean and Green city. Prime motto of this campaign is to Educate, Encourage and Execute (EEE). It’s a citizen’s action Programme. With active participation of the inhabitants, financial aid from corporates and constant support from various NGOs, the houses, societies and streets are kept clean, healthy and safe.

Being a responsible citizen of this country, every person and entity should join this campaign and take responsibility to keep their street clean and safe, so that they can proudly say “it’s MY OWN STREET and I keep it clean.”